New Corporate Image for La Popsi

Corporate image for La Popsi

Creation of the corporate image

Things like corporate image always start with research. We researched their competition and La Popsi as a brand itself. That helped us evaluate what they are looking for and what others in the same field are doing.

We kept the heart of the company and built around it. That allowed us to keep the feel of the company the founders built and loved. We designed and set some rules for the company, which helped us to make better creative decisions down the line.

We chose specific colors and fonts, created different logo variants, and did all the other important things to create a visual image for a company.

New corporate image in action

We decided to present the company with bright colors and fruit characters. That presents the main advantage of their popsicles – they are made from 100% fruit with no added sugars or other bad things.

These fruit characters were assigned to different flavors and used in many different places, ranging from La Popsi’s card game to informative posters.

Then, we also designed a popsicle box in which popsicles could be shipped. We went out of our designing comfort zone and also thought about how we could ship a frozen product in a box without it melting. Boxes like that were primarily meant to be used as promotional material when working with influencers.

Oh and look, our fruit characters also made it to the La Popsi card game!

Why did La Popsi need a new look in the first place?

La Popsi grew and had great success in the first few years since they started. Like at many other startups, the founders at La Popsi started their business journey by doing all the work themself. That includes the corporate image and design of the company, but the founders were not professional designers. That became a problem once the business wanted to scale up. That’s nothing unusual and happens with a lot of young growing companies.

Founders approached us with a problem about La Popsi’s presentation on social media, but we came to a different conclusion. The actual problem was La Popsi’s corporate image, which had no clear guidelines and was all done by the “whatever feels right” rule, rather than an actual set of guidelines that would guide us when getting out content or new products on behalf of the company.

After 4 years of success stories and company growth, it was time to set some clear guidelines for La Popsi’s visual presentation. Good corporate image also helps businesses present themself the way they want, attracting more customers than before.