and get over $125 in free crypto was founded in 2016, crossed 5 million users in October 2020, and doubled that in the next few months – 10 million users reached in Feb 21. They are always working hard and constantly adding new features and making the best service even better. It’s safe to say that they are here to stay. They are becoming one of the big players in the crypto space and playing an important role on our way to crypto adoption.

They created the whole ecosystem for us crypto peeps. That makes everything crypto-related very convenient and easy to use.

They offer a lot of cool stuff, so let’s take a look at some of them one by one.

Crypto Visa Card ($25 bonus)

This is the reason why I became their user a little more than a year ago. There are a few companies offering crypto cards, but for me, nothing can compare to the Visa card offered by You can top it up with crypto, or with fiat (not selling? no problem!) and since it’s a Visa card, you can use it anywhere out in the wild and for internet purchases, literally for everything. And why would you like to use this instead of your regular card? Well, the reason is simple, take a look at the “main” perk you get:

That’s right, cashback! For EVERY purchase you make! Let it be groceries, a plane ticket, or a pack of condoms! As long as you pay with the card, you get a percentage back.

As you can see from the image above, there are a few tires of credit cards you can choose from – if you’re not ready to invest right now, you can always go with the free card which offers 1% cashback (believe me, it adds up over time). Most users decide for the second tire right away tho, which requires $400 in their cryptocurrency (CRO) and offers 2% cashback. If you’re really thrilled about all that, you can of course get even more than that, in fact, up to 8% cashback is available if you’re ready to invest mad amounts in their CRO coin.

One more cool thing, all cards (except the free one) are made out of steel, which is pretty sweet. They all look sleek tho, even the free one.

Can this get even better? Actually, yes! Take a look, cashback is not the only perk offered by these cards:

Let that sink in, that’s a lot of cool stuff. Free Spotify, free Netflix, free Prime, and even 10% cashback for Expedia and Airbnb, of course, all that as you move up in card tires. Then you also get free airport lounge access, including free food, and you literally have unlimited entries for that.

Are you on the moon already? If so, you might also be interested in private yet flights, which they can take care of as well.

You can order your card by making an account on their app and then buying their CRO coins if you’re willing to upgrade to a higher tire level. Red card with 2% cashback and free Spotify (Ruby Steel) is the best value for money, and this is how I started as well – this one requires $400/350€ in their CRO coin ($ if you’re in the United States, € if you’re in Europe). Remember that this is just an investment, not payment, and you will double your cashback comparing with the free card. It’s also available elsewhere (not just the US and EU), so do check that out if you live somewhere else, you’ll probably be able to get it.

As said, you order your card through the app, which is used to top up the card with fiat or crypto, it’s also a crypto wallet and you can conveniently buy crypto here as well (and sell, if you ever sell). It also allows you to stake your coins and get interested, paid out in the same coin as you staked (if you stake Bitcoin, you get more Bitcoin). It’s not a scammy 49283% interest rate, but they offer similar rates to other legit competitors, but this is available right inside the app, so, very convenient. There are many more cool features in the app as well.

If you’re interested in joining the app and ordering your card, here is a link that will give you $25 free crypto if you offer the red card or above (the one with 2% cashback and free Spotify, for which you need $400/350€ in their CRO coin). Considering that you need to invest $400 CRO for this card, with $25 bonus you instantly get about 6% bonus on your initial crypto investment. You must use one of the referral links, or otherwise, you won’t receive the bonus. If you know a friend that is a member there, use their link, of course, but here is mine in case you just need a link to claim a bonus, I would surely appreciate it tho:

(enter referral code jb5fgf4tdb if it’s not entered automatically) Exchange ($100 bonus)

Okay, exchange, but why it might be better than the one you’re using now? If you’re going to use their crypto Visa card, joining their exchange is a no-brainer. Why? Your crypto can be transferred from your app/card to exchange for free, with no gas fees whatsoever! The same goes for the other way around, free. No more silly crypto fees if you want to trade something on an exchange. Buying crypto on their exchange rather than inside their app would help you save a bit on fees (even for smaller amounts because you don’t have to pay the gas fee to get it to your account in the app if you prefer/need it there).

As said you can stake various coins inside their app, including their own CRO coin. However, you can stake CRO on their exchange for even higher interest (10% per year), and staking CRO on the exchange also gives you more benefits such as a reduction in fees for your trades (the highest tire on there literally offers 0.00% fees, which I never saw on any other exchanges) and being part of their superchargers, which essentially allows you to get various coins for free, just by participating. That’s still not all, when you stake CRO you are also eligible to be part of the syndicate, another way to earn some free coins along the way. THAT’S STILL NOT ALL, continue reading…

Here is the deal, I use this exchange because it’s so convenient with the combination with their Visa card and offering free on/off exchange transfers, but if you prefer any other exchange, that’s okay too. BUT, I still suggest you to open an account on their exchange, even if you’re not interested in their Visa card (that’s a separate account from the account in the app). Why? Here is why: you get a 2% bonus on your deposits in the first month, paid in their coin. This is limited to 500 CRO which is a bit over $50. Hey, free crypto, yes please! ON TOP OF THAT, you also get up to ANOTHER $50 bonus if you decide to stake CRO which I already staked about (for which you then get 10% interest per year, a lot of other cool benefits on the exchange AND bonus for the first staking). With all that said, that’s over $100 in free crypto just from the exchange. As before tho, you must use someone’s referral link, or otherwise, you will not be eligible for the bonusHere is my referral link, which allows you to claim all the mentioned free crypto on the exchange:

(enter referral code jb5fgf4tdb if it’s not entered automatically)

You can also get an instant loan backed by your crypto, they really offer it all.

They also have an NFT marketplace if this is your thing.

*their exchange is sadly not available in the US at the moment YET, but you can still get their Visa card and enjoy the benefits available there (cashback, $25 bonus, free Netflix, etc)

Investing in CRO (their coin)

You need to have a bit of CRO for some of the crypto bonuses mentioned in this post (but not for all of them), so here is just my thought about it. DYOR.

CRO is currently trading at about $0.11 per coin, with the market cap at 2.3 billion dollars. On the other hand, there is a Binance coin with a market cap of 44.3 billion dollars. These are two exchange coins so they are each other’s competition somehow. With that said, CRO has a lot of room to grow, just to catch up, and just my opinion, but offers so much more than just an exchange (I know BNB has plenty of use cases as well, but CRO wins for me). I won’t be throwing any price predictions at you because no one really knows anything but the company is in very good shape, is liked by its customers, growing in the number of people using it, and is becoming a serious competition to the big exchanges with its great perks that we talked about.

TL;DR for all the free crypto they offer

App/card ($25 bonus):

Use this link to download the app (enter referral code jb5fgf4tdb if it’s not entered automatically). Referral link is needed for the bonus, otherwise, you simply won’t get it. Open an account in the app and order their Ruby Steel card or above (the red one). You need at least $400 (350€) in their CRO tokens to get this card. Remember, this is a crypto investment, not payment, you don’t really pay anything, you invest.

Exchange ($100 bonus):

Sign up through this link (enter referral code jb5fgf4tdb if it’s not entered automatically) and then you get 2% deposit bonus for deposits in the first month, up to a little more than $50 (500 CRO) and if you decide to stake CRO (by hovering over 4-dot icon menu in the top left corner in the exchange, and then selecting “stake and earn”), you will get the bonus of up to $50 on top of interest paid out daily. That’s over $100 bonus from the exchange alone.