InstagramBig – simple BIG Instagram profile picture

If you wouldn’t like to read about it, but would just want to use it, jump straight to

Sometimes you simply NEED to see the profile picture of someone’s Instagram profile. Maybe that’s the only photo of that person on the profile, or even worse – it might be a private profile and that’s all you can see.

Additionally, I would find this useful when I spent hours looking through my hard drives to find my Instagram profile picture because I wanted to use it somewhere else too (on my website, Facebook, etc.) but I had to spend a good amount of time to find it on the hard drive.

With this tool, I would just need to enter the username and boom; a high-quality profile picture would be in front of me and easy to download.

The site I’m talking about is called and it’s 100% free!

As you can see below, you just have to enter the Instagram username and a big profile picture will pop up!

Additionally, you can see the exact number of followers, which you sadly can’t on the mobile Instagram app.

And yes, it works on private profiles too!

By the way, there’s a download button right below the image on the website and there’s no watermarks or anything, just a simple download!

Stalk your friends or just simply help yourself with getting your own profile picture in high resolution at

I hope that little Instagram tip helped, see you soon!