Žan Stermecki

photographer and graphic designer from Ljubljana, Slovenia

Žan Stermecki

Photographer and Graphic Designer


2017 - Present

Independent Career

Working on many projects, big and small, photography and graphic design related. Including freelancing, photoshots, creating short films etc.


Radio Antena

Working for the largest radio station in our country, I’ve expanded my knowledge in the area of graphic design, animation, photography, film making, video editing and filming on terrain for different purposes.


Delo (Daily Newspaper)

I designed graphics for daily newspaper Delo, leading newspaper company in Slovenia. Tasks required a lot of teamwork which I can handle very good.

2015 - Present


I have started as a freelancer on Fiverr back in 2015 and had great success completing hundreds of mostly graphic design related jobs. I am also a part of UpWork, one of the leading freelancing websites. I always maintain high client ratings and 100% client satisfaction.


2019 - Present

Bachelor’s degree for Graphic and Media Technology

2015 - 2019

The Secondary School of Multimedia and Graphic Technology Ljubljana


Adobe Programs (Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere etc.) 100%
Photography 100%
WordPress 100%
2D Animation 95%
3D modeling 80%
Html & CSS 65%

About Me

I am a young passionate photographer and graphic designer from Slovenia. Since I started to be aware of myself, I’ve been developing my passion for photography and graphic design through activities such as drawing, painting and photographing. Photography really started to interest me even more at the time when I was in primary school – and the same goes for graphic design! Based on that huge passion that I’ve developed, I’ve decided to enroll in Secondary School of Multimedia and Graphic Technology Ljubljana, where I’ve been learning all about photography, film, graphic design and animation trough 4 years of schooling. In that time, I’ve also started to professionally do all of the before mentioned skills – all still with the passion which I’ll keep for my whole life.


I’m from Slovenia, but if you would need me outside the country, that won’t be a problem at all – I love traveling anyways!


For any inquiries please email