About Me​

I do what I love, and that’s what got me to a point where I can call myself a professional Video Editor and Graphic Designer.

Everything started more than 10 years ago as a hobby, and I started professionally 7 years ago when I started freelancing.

Freelancer since 2015
Bachelor’s degree in Graphic and Media Technology
Over 100,000,000 views on videos I edited​

Top Video Editor and Graphic Designer in Slovenia

I’m ranked as 4th best video editor in Slovenia*, and I made it to the list of top graphic designers too!

You are in good hands when it comes to video editing or graphic design jobs. Yes, I worked with hundreds of clients, but that’s not what makes me special. It’s all about who I worked with and learned from. I worked with the masterminds behind The Infographic Show where I worked as a video editor. I also worked with big brands which might sound familiar, such as Revolut (online bank) or Sneakertopia (modern art museum). When it comes to brands from Slovenia, I worked with companies like Delo (newspapers), Radio Antena (radio station), Petrol (gas stations), and La Popsi. Check out more about my past work on the portfolio page.


My Experience​

Good old timeline, showcasing my past work experience.

Working in different companies, both remote and in-office taught me different work ethics, and most importantly, gave me different perspectives on video editing and graphic design.

This helps me create videos and designs that make a difference, convert, stand out from the crowd, and win the audience’s hearts.

You can also check my LinkedIn profile.


Video Editing

Dark Matter Design

I was able to learn from the best in the YouTube world.  I worked with a team and founder of The Infographics Show, and we started a brand new channel, getting it from 0 to 100 million views in a few months.


Video Editing for Marketing

BH Lab, MartonMedia, GS Group

I was creating video ads for different marketing agencies and their clients. I developed digital marketing skills in an e-commerce company, where I created video ads and was also in charge of social media marketing, with a four-digit daily budget.


Filmmaking and Video Editing

Radio Antena

I had a blast working with a team from the most listened-to radio in the county. I was recording and editing video content for social media and live streams.


Graphic Design


One of the first big corporate jobs. This most-read daily newspaper in the country taught me a lot in the field of graphic design and work management.



It’s been a while, and I still love what I do. Working on so many different video editing and graphic design jobs gave me the versatility to tackle projects of any scope.